Agency testimonials 2019

“Fabulous! Well done to all those involved at organising the event!”
Justine Mason
GEM Corporate

“Probably the best networking event I’ve ever been to!”
Megan Ferguson
Omega World Travel

“A roaring success – great contacts were made and a lot of fun was had.”
Robin Huxley
The Events Company

“Excellent!  I was very impressed.”
Mandy Bateman

“Fun, interactive, informative and a great environment to meet with new suppliers”
Sara Davies

“An excellent networking event which I would definitely like to attend again.”
Charlie Vicary
Conference Care

“A fantastic experience to meet industry colleagues and also to network and enjoy!”
Lauren Kirby
Right Angle Corporate Ltd

“Fantastic! Would love to attend again next year, most definitely worth anyone’s time.”
Katie Brookes
Parallel Blue

“Amazing for networking and building relationships, not just with my team but everyone at the lunches and dinners, over the 3 days I managed to speak to so many people! Thank you for all the hard work putting this together!”
Sarah Ellice

“One of the most informative events I have attended.”
Joanne Penney
JP Events Ltd

“An invaluable opportunity to update product knowledge, share ideas, have fun and build relationships. Highly recommended!”
Rhonda Wood
The Turner Agency

“Excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it, met a lot of lovely people, made some great contacts and would definitely be interested to come again.”
Hayley Scott

“Extremely informative as well as an inventive and exciting way to network.”
Grace Edwards
AOK Events

“AMAZING, and I’d love to come back!”
Laura Clarke
Premier UK Events Ltd