Agency Testimonials 2016

A great way to interact with suppliers and other agencies.
Rachael Rafferty, Planet Pursuits

A fantastic opportunity to meet with multiple suppliers in a relaxed and productive environment. The ratio of supplier to agent was perfect which meant we had both the time and opportunity to meet with every supplier in attendance.
Graham Upton, Inspirational Venue Solutions

Very well structured, great fun and very informative!
Jasmine Storr, The Appointment Group

Alistair Barton, mdgroup

A good opportunity for excellent networking over the two days with suppliers and fellow industry professionals. The whole event was professional and lots of fun. A diverse range of suppliers – with some great presentations. Lots of new locations to consider for upcoming programmes. The location is perfect for the challenge. The BBQ, river cruise and gala dinner were perfect and we made lots of new friends and important contacts. The M&IT staff made us feel very welcome and kept the whole event moving along in the most unobtrusive way.
Janet Cattell, Cloud 9 Event Management Ltd

A unique way to engage with suppliers and build relationships outside of a meeting room allowing for deeper bonds to be built and better business to be made in the future. As my second year attending I’d love to attend for a third as the ROI for me changes year on year but the standard keep rising.
Beckie Hyson, Capita Travel and Events

A great format to network, learn new things, have FUN and meet interesting new suppliers.
Nicky Morgan, TRO

Unforgettable! I haven’t laughed so much during a business event! The M&IT Agency Challenge was by far one of the best networking opportunities I have ever experienced. The activities broke down the barriers between ‘supplier’ and ‘buyer’ and allowed individuals to create strong business and personal relationships. I look forward to working with a number of the attendees in the future.
Shana Sexton, Capita Travel and Events

It was a great networking event with the opportunity to mix with suppliers and other agencies in a fun and constructive environment.
Donna Hodges, Inception Events Ltd

A great example an industry event that demonstrates everything we try to achieve as event agencies. The whole Challenge was engaging, exciting, informative and just all round great fun. The networking opportunities are great, the competitive challenges excellent. The whole thing was executed in wonderful fashion and I can only hope to attend next year!
Lucy Sladen, Vivid Event Group

Fantastic! A brilliant opportunity to get to know industry professionals, share ideas, build relationships with the suppliers and learn about what else is available outside of what we use day to day.
Corinne Tatham, Bluehat Group

Great fun and very educational as well. A brilliant mix!
Emily Badger, Clive

It was a amazing couple of days we really enjoyed ourselves. M&IT team where so helpful and staff at The Lensbury very attentive. We really enjoyed networking with new venues and learning of new destinations! Great to meet other agencies to in a picturesque setting. We look forward to attending again next year and doing business with suppliers! Thank you for having us.
Kathryn Briggs, BI WORLDWIDE LTD

Anna Basran, Zibrant

A great and exciting way to get buyers and suppliers to interact. The presentations were all so different and interesting. There was lots of interaction and you actually got to know suppliers really well in a relaxed and informal environment. I would definitely recommend!
Sophie Gordon, American Express Meetings and Events

A great way to connect Suppliers and Buyers in a fun and informal environment.
Paula Kelsey, Cloud 9 Event Management Ltd

Really interactive and fun!
Ana Beltran, American Express Meetings and Events

I felt the format over the 2-days was a perfect balance of work and play, allowing time for both relationship building and making new connections. The events team had a tough job looking after event planners, however they rose to the occasion and executed a seamless meeting! Well done.
Dean Davies, PAREXEL Meeting Services

Engaging, inspiring and fun!
Kerry Buthee, drp

Engaging and informative.
Joanna Stockdale, Inntel

Lesley Mcdowell, Inntel 

Excellent! I really enjoyed being apart of the event and loved the opportunity of being able to meet people within the industry. It was educational and fun with lots and lots of giggles! Thank you M&IT for organising a fabulous event!
Josie Copestake, BI WORLDWIDE

A fantastic event. I like the way we have to take notes during the suppliers presentation, this keeps us engaged with the suppliers since there was a multiple choice quiz after each presentation and its a great way to bond with the team which you were in. Overall, the M&IT Agency Challenge was a great event and all the organisers involved were very professional and caring. Its a great way to make appointments with suppliers without wasting valuable time.
Chi Lee, Parker Lee Events

Engaging, enjoyable and a lot of fun!
Caroline Bubb, TFI Group

A really interactive, hands on, fun approach to meeting and getting to know some great event industry people and venues. The format allows for quality networking time as well, so you can really cement some great supplier relationships.
Lucie Carter, Inception Events Ltd

A great use of my time and allowed me to put more faces to names and meet some new contacts in a fun and engaging environment. Far more interesting, fun and useful than your average networking event.
James Eynon, Bluehat Group

Engaging, educating and fun.
Tatyana Mikhnovska, Kuoni

An aspirational event that will stand out in my mind for many years to come! Thank you
Alex Mildenstein, Ashfield Meetings & Events

A great improvement from the standard format
Edward Copperman, JTM

A lot of fun and very informative
Chris Middleton, cievents

Informative and fun with a competitive element thrown in to make the perfect recipe for success. Just gets better and better each year. Well done CAT Publications
Paul Ratcliffe, Conference Contacts

The two days were very beneficial and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event. I have not only gained more industry knowledge but also relationships.
Dominique Orlans, Grass Roots

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